Viva SAPS Milnerton Rugby.!

Sporting to give back to our local community, we are proud sponsors to the SAPS Milnerton rugby team.

They went on to win with a whopping 55/10Nettek sponsors SAPS Milnerton

Well done guys!

We look forward to more of your victorious matches and hope the shirts continue to give you GOOD LUCK.!

Seen below are the team and Captain Venter (far left).

Netteks sponsors SAPS Milnerton

Contact us for your next Network Cabling Project.

Nettek – proud sponsors of local rugby.

We are hiring.!

We are looking to employ a Wireless and Data Cabling Technician.

Wireless, fibre and copper experience essential.

South African Drivers licence a must.

For more information, contact us
or email
and use “Application: Wireless and Data Cabling Technician” as the subject of the email.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Nettek structured network cabling

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What is Structured Network Cabling??

Structured Cabling is defined as building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (structured).  A properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance as well as has the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizes system availability, provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling systems that will support multiple hardware uses systems and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system your requirements of today and of tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported.      [Read more on Wikipedia]Nettek structured network cabling



We offer a complete Structured Network Cabling installation service.  Contact us for your customized structured network  cabling solution.

Nettek Team Photo

Our Specialist Network Cabling team….

Nettek: specialist network cabling company

We are a Network Cabling Company and we specialise in the following:

  1. Structured Network Cabling ;
  2. Data Centre Solutions ;
  3. Environment Monitoring ;
  4. Network Cabling Installations  ;
  5. Network Security ;
  6. Sub-contracting Services ;
  7. Wireless Hotspots ;
  8. Wireless Networks …

Contact us for an evaluation of your requirements and quotation of costs thereof.

IP surveillance / CCTV systems


It’s January and the holiday is over! You’ve had a much-needed break to the coast, or to watch elephants stampede an unlucky car in a wildlife reserve, or you simply relaxed in the comforts of your home surrounded by your loved-ones.
But were you able to really relax and relinquish the reins over the holiday period?  You could not stop thinking about your business! Worried about the safety of your valuable assets.?
Prepare for the next time you take a break and install an IP surveillance/ CCTV system to watch constantly when your eyes aren’t.
Our high-end security equipment is reliable and uses advanced video and audio technology to keep your business safe. Your premises and valuable assets will not only be monitored by our state-of-the-art intrusion detection and offsite monitoring equipment, but also any un-authorised entry will be actively detected and the appropriate authorities notified. That includes you.
Your peace of mind is our priority.
Featured Product Nettek CCTV IP surveillance

Welcome 2018

We wish you all a very prosperous and exciting 2018.

While everyone is slowly heading back to work, and the feeling of ‘holiday’ becomes a thing of the past, we are open for business as usual.

Call us for a tailor-made quote for your Network Cabling  and / or Wireless Networking requirements. We offer our clients the complete installation package including Consultancy, Installation and Support.

Our wide-ranging expertise allows for the implementation of all existing and emerging technologies. The company undertakes all sizes of network installation projects (Server Rooms, Wireless LAN, Structured Cabling) to provide a total service anywhere in South Africa. Network Installations include complete Local Area Networks utilizing copper, fibre, and wireless technologies as well as simple additions to existing live networks.

Nettek welcome 2018